What is Skardu Baltistan famous for?  


What is Skardu Baltistan famous for?

Skardu Baltistan is famous for highest peaks in the world. Skardu, Khaplu and Shigar valleys are very popular for Mountaineering Expeditions and high altitude trekkers, who trek to Baltoro Glacier, K2 Base Camp and Concordia.
Skardu District is located at the confluence of river Indus and the Shyok River and makes the base camp for leading tourist destinations in Gilgit-Baltistan including the mighty K-2. The Skardu Valley is surrounded by dry rugged mountains. Skardu Valley is famous for the trekking and Mountain climbing.
This region has the four of the world's fourteen Eight-thousander peaks (8,000 m and above), this makes it the heaven for trekkers expeditions enthusiasts and mountain climbers. The main tourist season starts from May to September.
Adventure tours and jeep safaris to the Deosai Plains, the second highest in the world (at 4,100 m or 13,500 feet) after the Chang Tang in Tibet with an area of approximately 3,000 square kilometers starts from Skadu City. The Deosai plains extend all the way to Ladakh India and provide habitat for snow Leopards, Ibex and Tibetan brown Bears.
The Askoli and Hushe Valleys are the main gateways to the snow covered 8,000 meters huge peaks including Masherbrum, K2, Gasherbrum, Broad Peak and the Trango Towers, and also to the huge Glaciers of Baltoro, Biafo and Trango.
Skardu by road lies approximately 20 h 20 min (634 km) via N-15 from Islamabad and 5 hours (201 km) via S-1 away from Gilgit City. Since the KKH is still under construction in 2019 and the Skardu road still has to be repaired, the road can take up to 30 hours by public transport.
Pakistan International Airlines also offers regular flights on Boeing 737s between Skardu City and Islamabad. The flying time from Islamabad to Skardu is approximately 50 minutes.
All flights are subject to weather conditions. In winters, flights to Skaru and Gilgit are often delayed by several hours and days. A flight delay generally means it'll fly out the next day.
Skardu Weather
The climate of Skardu during the summer is moderated by its mountain setting. During April to October, temperatures vary between a maximum of 30 °C and minimum of 8 °C in October. Temperatures can drop to below -15 °C to 20°C in December to January during the winter period.

The lowest recorded temperature in Skardu was -24.1 °C on 7 January 1995. and the second lowest recorded temperature in Skardu was -22.1 °C on 24 January 2019.
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